The Role of the Family Lawyer and Practical Tips

The role of the family lawyer

When there is a relationship breakup issues inevitably arise around the care of children, division of property, child support and spousal maintenance.

These issues are best agreed, and if agreed can be recorded in written agreements with the assistance of your lawyer. When agreement cannot be reached a Judge in the Family Court can decide the issues that you and your partner cannot resolve.

When a spouse or partner dies issues often arise over division of property, and about the property in the deceased persons estate.

These are typical situations when you need a good and experienced family lawyer.

Practical tips

Professional legal advice and assistance can be expensive and so you should do what you can to ensure your lawyer can work with you efficiently.

There are things you can do to make the task simpler and easier for your lawyer and therefore less costly for you.

You want your lawyer carrying out legal work for you, rather than administrative work which you can often do yourself.

Provision of information to your lawyer in a coherent and helpful way means your lawyer can work efficiently for you.

An example is providing your lawyer with basic necessary information as is on the attached Checklist.

If your situation is complicated, then providing your lawyer with well presented information sorted chronologically results in less administrative work for your lawyer, more timely advice for you, and less cost for professional services.

You need your lawyer to help you get to the stage when matters are resolved as well as they can be for you, and as soon as possible. There are sensible and practical things you can do to assist that process.

The earlier you can find out how it all works and what is likely to happen on your relationship breakup the better. You are likely to make better decisions with that information and knowledge.

So you should consult your lawyer at an early stage.

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