Clarity about separation can be important for a number of reasons including for the valuation of property and to obtain a dissolution of marriage.

To get a dissolution of your marriage you need to have lived apart for two years.

Neither a formal Separation Agreement or Order is necessary, but both can be useful tools in managing a complicated separation, particularly about the date from when you have agreed to live apart.

Separation Agreements

Having arrangements in writing can held later avoid misunderstandings about what you and your spouse/partner have agreed.

A Separation Agreement does not have to but can also provide for interim financial and care of children arrangements.

Separation Order

A Separation Order is a legal declaration that sets out the date of separation and can be useful where one party does not agree or refuses to acknowledge to the separation.

To obtain a Separation Order an application and evidence needs to be filed in the Family Court.

Contact us for assistance with pre-separation and separation agreements.

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